In the Works!

Cherokee Golf course is in for some major changes, as depicted in the edited images below.  Have you driven by and noticed that the lake hole is having its fairway removed?

Current holes:

The #6 lake hole will soon be a par three.  The red tees will be to the left of the new tee area across the lake, where trees have been removed.  It should be about 110 yds from the red tees, maybe 175 from the blue tees.

#6 Par3

The rest of the #6 fairway and original green location will be part of the #7 fairway, a par 5.  The #7 hole might be a 350 to 380 yd. Par 4,  till the new green is built (about 290 from the new red tees, just in front of the original white tees area).  The new cart path placement hasn't been decided on yet, and the green for #7 will eventually be moved back to where the practice green is now located, but that won't be in the immediate future.  The current red tee area of #7 will be used to level some of that fairway.

#7 Par 5

Some Google Earth distances: